Monsoon is an investment advisory and consultancy practice dedicated to adding an original and valuable contribution to our client’s investment objectives. We work with experienced professional investors with whom we cooperate closely to develop strong investment solutions for their portfolios. Monsoon undertakes an active programme of investment research and analysis which we consider the heart of our client offering. Most of our time and energy is devoted to the evaluation of fund managers, their investment proposition and a critical assessment of their ability to generate expected performance. We are always on the lookout for new return-enhancing or diversification opportunities for our clients and, when found, we prepare detailed investment due diligence reporting. Monsoon is a London-based partnership of experienced investment professionals contributing different backgrounds and experience to our common practice.


Our Investment Philosophy

Performing investment portfolios tend to arise from strong conceptual foundations followed by patient nurturing. Successful investors have a clear vision of their investment objectives but rely on competent implementation and teamwork to succeed. We offer our contribution by looking for investment managers that are skilled and relevant to the investment goals of our investors.  A strong risk management overlay provides the glue to stay the course in periods of adversity.





It is well-known that asset allocation will determine much of a portfolio’s performance in the long term. As such, we spend time with each client to determine their investment objectives and how these should be translated into asset allocation choices and risk constraints. Our job is then to use our research to help them identify the best managers and investment funds able to deliver on their expectations. We help in each step of the process, from portfolio construction, asset selection, risk monitoring to make sure that each portfolio stays true to its initial risk-return expectation.


Our research effort is focused exclusively on what we consider beneficial and relevant to the investment objectives of our clients. Strategies range from the simple to the outright esoteric and managers can be either blue chip global institutions or small boutiques with more limited resources. In each case, we are looking for a convincing investment proposition combined with a professionally qualified team working within a supportive framework. Funds’ costs are finally a clear consideration as a dollar saved is already a dollar earned without risk.


We are long term investors but we keep our eyes on the ball. For each manager, we monitor their monthly performance and conduct a quarterly review to make sure that their performance is broken down and reconciled to asset allocation, security selection and currency effects. By doing so we can identify quickly any style drift or benchmark hugging that deviates from the initial mandate. Moreover, this process will uncover their strengths and weaknesses over time.